WordPress and Blogging from the Phone

I’m curious how many of my fellow bloggers blog via the WordPress app from their phone.  I gave up a while ago, but am making another attempt at it.

Is it just me and not being so tech savvy?

Is it an accessibility issue, and the fact that I use a screen reader?

If you follow my blog via my Facebook blog page, then you have noticed that I post much more often there than here.

Well… This is my attempt at posting more, whether stationary or on the go…

Tonight, I go to sleep as blind mom in the burbs.  

The rest of the week, I will be blogging as blind mom at the beach.

I will do my best at posting more, I promise.

But, if this word press app continues to annoy me, you should probably follow me via blind mom in the burbs on Facebook for more up-to-date photos and happenings of my adventures.

One thought on “WordPress and Blogging from the Phone

  1. When I had a mishap with my laptop I tried writing blog posts on the app, but it wasn’t possible. I have an iPhone with the touch screen. It would be too tedious. I thought about getting a wireless keyboard, but then I got another laptop instead. I’ll use the app for updating small things.


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