What’s Happening in our Marley and Mommy Saga…

Since September, we have met with Marley’s educational team 5 times. Since 2016 started, we have attended three IEP meetings. It’s amazing how much has changed since that initial meeting that started it all.
Today, Marley is receiving Duel media instruction, and come first grade she’ll be switched over to all Braille. She is learning how to use different forms of accessible technology, and most importantly, she is allowed to use her long white cane. Today’s IEP settled our transportation problems. Marley had been assigned the, “special,” bus. After constantly getting to school late, not having any time to socialize with her peers before the bell rang, and occasionally not being brought home, we decided to terminate those services. Today’s meeting made it so that Marley could ride the, “Regular,” bus with her peers. As Marley steps onto that bus tomorrow morning, she will be not only heading to school, but she will be taking yet another step into her future as an independent young lady.Source: Meet the Rupps

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