I’m the long white cane, and today is my day

Who am I?  Do you know?

I’m got great rhythm, and I can really flow.

I am long, lean, and I like to take the lead.

I am confident, controlled, and I give you speed ..

I am savvy, sexy, slim, ans sleek.

With me in hand, you won’t feel weak.

I am studly, strong, and I strut tall.

No matter what obstacle, I’ll overcome them all.

I can dance, skate, and hike..

I’ve even been seen on a tandem bike.

I’ll take you down the street, to the mall.

I’ll take you up Mount Everest, and the Great Wall.

I have the right to go where ever you go.

I travel well, did you not know?

Tap me along, don’t leave me behind.

I promise, I’ll show you a really good time.

I’m the long white cane, and today is my day.

Let’s go celebrate!  Let’s go out and play!

photo of three long white canes

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