Fight Song from Double Vision Blog

I love stumbling on other interesting blogs, especially when they are blogs about blindness.  I’m not exactly sure how I came across Double Vision Blog.  Perhaps they commented on one of my posts, or I came across their page over someone’s Facebook newsfeed, but this blog has been in my reader for a few months now.

The other day, after returning home from presenting on the topic of loneliness and isolation in a class on not letting disabilities define you, I found this in my inbox.

This is an amazing video on vulnerability and courage.  Thank you Joy for sharing your story.  I too was a recent subject of a short film about my blindness.  My documentary will be appearing for it’s second time in a film festival next Friday.  double points on your excellent song selection.  “Fight Song,” is currently one of my favorites to run to.

Visit Double Vision Blog and watch the video below.

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