Happy Daughter’s Day

Dear Daughter,

Six years ago, we had no idea if you were going to be a girl or boy.  We did know you’d be named Marley though.  Thank goodness you came out a girl, because your grandma pronounces your name, “Molly.”  You brought us more joy than we could ever imagined.  We couldn’t wait to teach you all about the world.  The surprise was on us.  You were the one doing the teaching.  You taught us that you didn’t like to sleep at night.  You taught us that you preferred your food come back up than going down.  You taught us that children are born fearless, that it’s due to constant conditioning from adults that we learn fear.  You taught us that you love to run.  You taught us that you can eat an entire pack of bacon.  You taught us that you are mommy’s exact mini me.  Thank you for educating us.  Thank you for being our daughter and bringing us so much joy.  Whatever you do, don’t let anyone stop you from being you, shining big, and burning bright.

Happy Daughter’s day!!



me and my mini me in matching dresses

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