Greatest Adventure of All – Happy Mother’s Day

The first book we purchased after finding out I was to become a mom was, “I Love You Forever,” by Robert Munch.  We read this almost every night to my growing belly.  We read it almost every night my first few years of motherhood.  You know you’ve read a book a lot when the pages are torn and the hard cover is wobbly.

Photo Oct 21, 1 30 07 PM

My most precious creations

One of the first pieces of advice I received after Marley was born was, “Don’t blink.  She’ll be 1 before you know it.”  Oh how I wish time would stand still.  Marley is now five and a half and Jackson is three and a half.  Marley will be starting Kindergarden next fall, she’s about ready to ride her bike without training wheels, and she blows me away every single day with her hugely kind heart.


Marley watering our garden so she can feed the world

The other morning we sat and talked about gratitude over breakfast.  As usual the kids were refusing to eat what was in front of them and started their, “I wants…”   I shared with them how I had just recently handed out sack lunches to people who had no food and no home, people who were hungry and slept on the streets.  All Marley wanted to do after learning that there were people living like that, kids living like that, was to bring the food, beds, and clothes and shoes.  She wanted to grow up and be someone who could help the world so that no one would be hungry ever again.


Slow dancing with my baby boy

Jackson, oh… thinking how fast Jackson is growing up brings tears to my eyes.  He is a miniature version of his daddy.  His cuddles, his kisses, his sweetness melts my heart.  Just yesterday, he made a cane out of Legos and tapped it around the house.  Everyday he asks me things like, “mom, how do you spell…”  “Mom what’s ___ mean?”  Oh and you can’t tell him he’s cute or handsome, or anything at all.  The only thing he is, is, “Jackson.”  He sits at the front door waiting for his big sister to come home from school, and he sneaks into bed with me after daddy leaves to work.  He’s my baby and will always be my baby.

Jackson waiting at the front door for his big sister to come home from school

Jackson waiting at the front door for his big sister to come home from school

Never did I realize the depth of love I could hold for two little beings.  My hopes, dreams, joys, and fears all wrapped up into two precious little bodies.    As I sit here typing away, I am grateful for my two perfect creations, and I am grateful for the best career I could have ever chosen, Marley and Jackson’s Mom.

Greatest adventure of all!

Greatest adventure of all!

For all you moms out there, and for all you future moms, “Don’t blink.”  You’ll never get those seconds back.


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