It’s finally here!

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!

We’ve been talking about it for years.

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to purchase ourselves a hot tub.

“Oh no!”  What if we were scammed?

A bounced email in the inbox the day after the order was made..

A series of phone tag, unanswered calls, and messages…

A delay due to bad weather in Kentucky where it was being manufactured…

Then… last week we received a glorious call from the delivery company.



hot tub in the driveway

There it was.  In our driveway.

It cost us half the price, but now we needed to get the thing from the front to the back on our own.

800lbs, 5 men, and about an hour later,

Jackson inside the empty hot tub

There he was.  Jackson inside the empty hot tub.

Yesterday my awesome handy man husband spent the morning converting the electrical outlet to support the power.

We spent evening waiting for it to heat up.

And…after the kids fell asleep, we snuck out to enjoy wine, cheese, and crackers under the stars.

This morning, Marley and I hopped in for some mommy/Marley time before she hopped in the shower before getting ready for school.

looking forward to enjoying my morning coffee in that thing from now on.

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