Psyched, Pumped, and Ready for a Powerful Weekend

This blog was meant to post yesterday, but with the doors of Casa de Rupp open to new friends and old, flowing openly in and out all day, and with us finally getting a Christmas tree, I never made it to wordpress to write.

Yesterday was the perfect way to start off a powerful weekend.  I’ve mentioned before that I am about to begin a self development leadership workshop, a program that my husband is currently involved in.  Hubby’s leadership buddy, who happens to be a world traveled very talented massage therapist is staying with us until the completion of the program.  He had a very busy massage day yesterday made up of coaches from the leadership program, one of whom is even the guy who’s coaching my class in just a few weeks.  I told this coach all about my dreams of empowering blind children to have the same opportunities as their sighted peers, and we’ll soon be developing programs to make this happen.

This morning, I’m preparing for our Braille Story Time and Braille Letters to Santa Event that the Nevada Organization of Parents of Blind Children are hosting.  I’ve typing away to get this blog out so that we aren’t late.

Tonight, we will be going out to downtown to celebrate hubby’s birthday.

Tomorrow morning, we are holding a fundraising garage sale to help an amazing mama friend raise money to attend this leadership program I speak of above.

And last but not least tomorrow night, we’ll be attending a pajama Christmas party with a guest appearance of Santa.  We also received Marley’s Braille letter from Santa provided by the National Federation of the Blind, and she’ll be surprised to have Santa himself give her that letter at the party along with her gift.

I haven’t even had my coffee yet, but I’m psyched, pumped, and ready for a powerful weekend!

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