That Precious Time in a Mom’s Day Known as Nap Time

It’s that time of day again.  Nap time!  Those few precious hours I so dearly hold onto as tightly as possible.  Moms, chine in if you know exactly what I mean.

To me naptime means I am temperarilly not at the beckon call of every single want and need of my kids.   The best part of nap time these days is when Marley is in school and I have two hours just to me!

So how do I spend nap time?  It really depends on the day.  Some days nap time means I’m sitting in the car while hubby runs in and out of appointments and stores taking care of errands as Jack naps.   Some other days, nap time means Marley and I get, “Mommy & Marley Time,” where we read, work on Braille, and do crafts.

Today however, nap time means a mad rush to clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floors, crank out a blog, and Braille out a few Christmas cards.  To make more productive use of my time I’ll be listening to an audiobook while I doo the majority of these tasks.

So for now, I bid you farewell.  I must tear myself away from the computer to go dance with the broom and mop.  Until I write again, have a wonderful day!

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