The Magic of Innocence

With two bloggers in the Rupp house now, we are sharing the WordPress time, and our 8 year old desktop Mac. These beautiful words were written last night by Mr. Rupp. An inspirational read, I just couldn’t not share.
Enjoy! And try not to tear up when he writes about Marley.


IMG_1251Take a deep breath… close you eyes and DREAM BIG!!!  You hold in your hands the key to everything.  Hold on tight to the one thing that you want the most, and let it sail; you push all the trapped air in your chest out, holding onto your goal and setting forth your intent, your will.  Do you remember this childhood ritual; when simply declaring your innermost wish, and sending it out into the universe seemed possible?  What did you wish for?  I ALWAYS wished for the same thing, every birthday candle I blew out, every dandelion I picked, every lamp I fantasized stumbling upon.  I ALWAYS wished to fly…

So what happened?  Did I ever get to soar with the wind, breaking the spell of gravity?  No, But what else happened?  I stopped wishing to fly…

The magic of innocence in a child is profound, beautiful and inspirational.  Before…

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