Stanford Elementery Needs Your Help

What is literacy to you?  For me, it’s not just the ability to read.  It’s having access to books.  So many children out there are denied this access.  No, this isn’t just about blind children.  This applies to all children.

Do you remember the excitement of diving into a new book.  Do you recall the feeling of dread, hope, fear, exhilaration as your hero or heroin battled demons, solved crimes, and traveled into outer space?

Here is your chance togive this same feeling to the students of Stanford Elementary School in Las Vegas.  I have been asked by dear friends to spread the word.   They  are working on creating a digital library for the school.  This digital library will not only make it possible for multiple students to check out the same book.  This library will give blind or low vision students access to every single book their sighted peers have at just a simple click.

Please visit this link to donate to this incredible cause.    We have already donated, and hope that some of you will too join in bringing brightness into these childrens lives.



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