Why was that mom crying?

This afternoon, we decided to kill the 2.5 hours that my daughter was in school by hanging out at a nearby park, instead of turning around and driving the 20 minutes back to our house for us to turn around again and drive the 20 minutes back to pick her up.

me at the top of a giant jungle gym made out of ropes

It was like every other park day.  There was nothing special or different, except since this was a new park, a much bigger park that I’d only been to a few times before, I kept my cane with me the entire time.   We climbed, ran, explored, and made friends with other mommies and kids.

Jack at the top of a hill with a multistory treehouse in the background

As we walked to our car when it was time to leave, we passed a mom with her little boy who were also leaving the park.  The mom was crying as she said, “Sorry I’m so emotional, but she’s so beautiful.”  It wasn’t until we’d passed her up a few parking spaces that I realized she wasn’t talking on the phone.  She had been talking to my husband about me.

Neither one of us could figure out why she was crying.  He’d caught her watching us earlier while we played.  He said it looked like she’d already been crying.  Maybe she was having a bad day?  Maybe she was overcome with empathy while watching a blind mom play with er son?  Maybe she has someone in her life who’s recently gone blind?  I don’t know, and I can’t stop wondering.  I also can’t help feeling like she somewhat felt sorry for me.  Perhaps that’s why her comment about me was directed to my husband instead of directed to me?

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