Blind and Pregnant? A production company is looking for you.

I’ve been asked to pass this on…

“Cineflix Productions are looking for Blind or Visually Impaired Moms-to-be for a new series looking at pregnancies. The show is for the TLC Network (Part of the Discovery Channel) and we are looking for women who are due to have their babies between October 2014 – Jan 2015. 

This brand new factual series will take a look at pregnancies around the world- meeting mums-to-be who are juggling the excitement and anxiety that pregnancy is expected to bring, but who might have an extra ‘something’ to take into account. We’re looking for women who are experiencing their pregnancy with a pre-existing condition of their own (such as visual impairment and blindness) or have a condition brought on by the pregnancy. 


Across this observational documentary series, we’ll follow these women through their pregnancies, as they and their families prepare for the birth of their baby. From sharing the news with loved ones, to medical appointments and baby showers – right up to the big day itself. We’re hoping to film with the pregnant mum’s medical practitioners to help the audience understand how the expectant mother’s condition affects her experience of pregnancy medically, while the mum-to-be and their loved ones will take us through the day to day realities of their pregnancy. If this is something you are interested in, please email Naomi at


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