Just the two of us

It almost seems too perfect.  Two kids, two years apart, and to top it off, a brother for my daughter and a sister for my son.  They are the best of friends and they are the worst of friends. Watching them play together when it’s just the two of them, or in a group with other kids, I see how close the two of them are.

With my brother in Georgia, my sister in Texas, and my husband’ sister in California, my children aren’t fortunate to have their cousins near by to grow up with the way I did.

Luckily, they will always have each other.

Yesterday we took the kids to see the Chinese New Year Parade at the Bellagio and the Botanical Garden and check out the Chinese New Year display.  Come to fine out, the parade was the day before.  Well…at lease we got a few cute photos.

Happy New Year – Gung Hay Fat Choy!






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