30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 5

November 5, 2012

This 30 day challenge is getting tougher than I thought.  It’s really hard to sit down and blog every single day, and still come up with something witty or heart touching.  Today, I will take a much lighter and funner approach.  Today, I am thankful for jeggings.

No that isn’t a typo.  I really meant to type jeggings.  These are leggings that look like jeans.  I have come to terms that I will not fit into my old pre-pregnancy jeans this winter.  So, instead of buying a bigger size, I bought two more pairs of jeggings.  They are perfect for every occasion.  Pair them with a long sweater and boots on chilly days, or pair them with sandals and a flowy tank on warmer days.   Dressed up or down, I’ll be seen sporting jeggings from play dates at the park to night’s out with the ladies.

I promise my post tomorrow will be a lot better.  I even promise to bring tears to a few readers eyes.  I already have tears in mine thinking of tomorrow.

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