This weekend I will be husband and childless for the first weekend ever since becoming a mom.  I will be spending Saturday night on the strip with a few gal pals on what they are calling Vegas Vixens Vaca, but I am calling it my Mommiecation.

Five fabulous blind  ladies are flying in from New York, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco for  a little bit relaxing/partying Vegas style.  This means there will be six sexy ladies strutting six long white canes down Las Vegas Blvd just in time to start the NFB’s National Meet the Blind Month.

I’m super excited to get in some spa time at one of my most favorite places in Las Vegas, also known as Spa Mio at the M.   That’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most.  The rest of the weekend will consist of getting all dolled up, dinner, drinks, dancing, and oh yes of corse a hot show of half naked men at Thunder from Down Under.

Sadly, I have not flattened my tummy enough to wear the dress I was hoping to fit into.  But that doesn’t matter, whatever I wear I will be rocking some major bling provided by one of my awesome mommy friends and fellow blogger Lindsey  who sells Stella and Dot Jewelry.

Meanwhile, I am also super nervous about leaving the kids with Aaron for an entire weekend on his own.  Don’t get me wrong, Aaron is a great dad, but he has never had them to himself for more than just a few hours.  I am just a little bit OCD about how I like things done when it comes to the kids.  We are also going through a few tough times with Marley and her picky eating, and Jackson with his mommy separation anxiety.  Jackson refuses to let his dad do anything for him.  He makes it LOUD and clear that all he wants is mommy.

Whether Jackson likes it or not, Mommy is taking a little vacation.

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