The “Mom Bob”

I did it again.  I chopped my hair off.  I got the “Mom Bob”.

There’s the “Mom Bob” making an appearance at hubby’s station yesterday.

Here’s the side of the “Mom Bob” checking out Jackson on the fire engine.

Well I actually did this earlier this month, but am just now blogging about it.

My hair was about to my mid back, the perfect length for little hands to grab handfuls of.  I am still suffering from the horrible thing, that unless you’ve had children you know nothing about, called,”Postpartum Hair-loss.”  I swear, there are some days  I think I am going to go bald.  From a glance, my hair looks lovely, all straight and shiny.  But it is so NOT.  It is that horrid in-between hair, that doesn’t want to be straight and doesn’t want to be curly.  I would have to spend FOREVER blow drying and straightening it to get it to look decent to just get pulled back in a ponytail or mommy bun.

After chopping off about eight inches.  I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  It’s almost like a weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders, so to speak.  It is so easy to do in the morning.  I feel just so much less like a frumpy stay at home mom.  I LOVE earrings, and now with short hair, I have another excuse to dress up just a bit, even when just grabbing coffee or having other mommies over for a play date.

How many of you fellow mommies can relate, and have forgone the pony tail for a Mom Bob?

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