To Ad Or Not To Ad

After a few months of blogging, I have decided that I will NOT place ads on my blog.  I am aware that I might be missing out on a few $$ but after going over the terms and agreements of my Google Adsense application, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I would feel like such a hypocrite if I were to allow Google and other advertisers access to my blog.  It seems like it would completely go against all values Aaron and I have worked so hard to maintain here in our home.  For instance, even though we have a TV in our house, it’s not connected to any cable.  We already  live in such a plastic city where billboards and LED signs light up the night.  There’s no poin in allowing commercials to brainwash us in our own home.

My blog is an outlet for me to share myself with my friends and family and whomever also chooses to read my musings.  I don’t feel comfortable bombarding my readers with useless images and posting all saying the same thing>  “Buy!  Buy!  Buy!”

So once again I want to thank you, my readers.  I promise that although it may not make much of a difference to you, I will not post ads on my blog.

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