Blogging Can Be Like Therapy

A few days ago I received this comment on one of my blogs.

“I stumbled across your blog in a google search last night. I wish I lived in the area of southern highlands as I do live in Las Vegas and would love to join your meetup group. I am 24 with vision of 20/400 when corrected two kids a girl 28 months old and a boy who just turned 6 months a week ago. I wanted to let you know you are an inspiration. I have been considering starting a blog about my disability (septo optic dysplasia) for years now but, can never bring myself to do it. Seeing someone else put themselves out there finally made me break down and do it.”

I myself, have Optic Nerve Atrophy which leaves me with 20/400 vision. I can’t see well enough to drive, I use screen readers on my computer and phone, I read Braille, and it took me about 20 years to come to terms with the fact that my lack of eyesight doesn’t define me. I don’t let it stop me from having a good time. And I especially don’t let it stop me from being a good mom and setting a good example for my children.

I just want to thank everyone who reads my blogs and who have chosen to follow it. I have always enjoyed writing. Back in high school, I won a creative writing contest and have a short story published somewhere. I may not be the best writer out there, and probably don’t put my comas in all the right places, but who cares.

I have to be honest, I used to make fun of bloggers. I thought it was crazy for people to be so open about themselves on the internet to complete strangers. And now I’m one of them.

I suppose some might say that I’m crazy. I suppose some might say that I’m inspirational. I suppose some might not even care.

My blog is for me and anyone who chooses to read it. It is much cheaper to write and reflect on my struggles, challenges, triumphs, and joys of parenthood than it would be to lay on a couch talking to a shrink. I am happy to share my life with you all.

To that person who sent me that comment I say, “Go for it. I wish you the best of luck with your blog. And I hope that we and our children have a chance to meet one day.”

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