Fun Trivia Fact, What Color are the Streetlights in Henderson?

I find that I am spending more and more time in Henderson.  It’s quite literally just on the other side of the Interstate.  Most of us in this area have no idea where Vegas ends and Henderson begins.  Actually, did you know that the two cities have completely different colored streetlights?  That’s a fun fact for a trivia game.

Why am I going on and on about streetlights and the city of Henderson?  Since I’ve been running, and since I’ve been spending all of my free time preparing for our NFB of Nevada BELL Academy, which will be taking place at the new Henderson campus of the Nevada Blind Children Foundation, I’m loving the city more and more with it’s family friendly feel.  From the running trails, parks, schools, community activities, and lastly our off Strip Local stay-cation spot at Lake Las Vegas. I’m in need of a summer program for my future engineer like Snapology.  After learning about the STEM themed parties, summer and after school programs, I’m halfway tempted myself to open a franchise.

future engineer holding a lego car

I’ll stop blabbing on, but before I go, if you live in either Vegas or Henderson, can you please do me a favor?  Step outside after the sun goes down and tell me if the streetlights are white or yellow?

19 thoughts on “Fun Trivia Fact, What Color are the Streetlights in Henderson?

  1. So now I’m curious as to what color the street lights actually are! Introducing children to STEM is a great idea. The demand for engineers and scientists will only increase.

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  2. My mind is blown, I hadn’t ever considered if places have different color streetlights, lol. Anyway, sounds like Henderson has a lot of fun things to do. The Snapology parties are such a good idea too.

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  3. My mind is blown, I hadn’t ever considered if there were different color streetlights in other places, lol. Anyway, sounds like Henderson has a lot of awesome stuff right now. Those Snapology parties would be so fun.


  4. I wonder if the different colors are a coincidence or intentional to differentiate the two areas (although I’m sure that’s easily done through other observations!). So many kids nowadays are probably going to end up as engineers or in a STEM field, these parties sound pretty incredible.


  5. I actually have a really good friend that is moving to the same area, I’ll have to ask him about the streetlights lol, and I’ll tell him to keep an eye out for Snapology for his little cousins!

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    • Well I finally found out the color of the street lights in Henderson. I’ll be posting a photo an update soon after we get a chance to do a family hike in one of the canyons nearby. Hubby tells me it’s really cool the way the different colored lights are seen from a vista.


  6. I’m super interested in seeing these streetlights for myself now! Also, I think it’s so great to want to get your child involved with STEM activities, those parties sound like they would be a fun and engaging way to introduce children to that field.

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  7. Wow, Terri! I’ve never heard of a stem themed party. Aside from games and other party activities, does it also involve education? If so, that’s great! As a lover of the science fields, I also really wish I was introduced to stem activities when I was growing up. It’s a shame sometimes, when you find out that only really smart kids and those with high GPAs get the opportunity to explore and learn about the fascinating world of science at a very young age. I wish more inclusive educational summer and extracurricular programs could be made available to all students interested in learning about a particular academic subject, regardless of who they are.


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